Kalari Oil Massage

Ancient time warriors used to get initiates into the Martial Arts after massage, which used to continue through out life. In Kerala even now, it is customary to massage the whole body and make it ready to practice Kalarippayattu. Massage helps to attain a compact physique easily and to bend or turn any part of the body. Once you become a warrior, massage is necessary to shed physical fatigue. Exercises and massage are essential to build a healthy body.

This is the unforgettable experience to the visitors. Two type of massage is using in kalari oil massage – using Hand and Massage – using foot. All over the Kerala is sinking with Ayurvedic massage.

But this is the unforgettable experience for visitor, he/she can choose the massage they like- foot massage or hand massage. After the massage the kalari disciples are practicing kalari. Same way after the Kalari massage the person will become fully energetic. So we can understand how much energy and stamina will attain after the kalari oil massage. Commonly ‘Mahanarayan Thilam’ [Herbal oil] is using for massage and Steam Bath and Herbal Bath are also available. The duration of the Massage is 45mts to 1hour.

ENS Kalari conducting Uzhichil [massage] treatment courses varying from 5-7days, 14days, and 21days. It is available through prior booking. Full-body massage help to improve muscle tone, flexibility, stimulates the circulation of blood and give long life. Kalari oil massage is using to treat headaches, depression, sexual functioning, back pain etc.