Kalari Treatments

We have every facility to conduct various traditional Kalaripayat treatments.The main treatment is UZHICHIL [massage]. Massage has been in vogue all over the world since time immemorial. Massage is being used of curing diseases in Kerala. But this science and art has not developed enough in this present age. Even today there are experts who massage the nerves and veins of patients for curing diseases and people do regard them highly. In olden time warriors used to get initiates into the Martial Arts after massage, which used to continue through out life. In kerala even now, before practicing Kalarippayat it is customary to massage the whole body and make it ready. Massage helps to attain a compact physique and to easily and to easily bend or turn any part of the body. Once you become a warrior, massage is necessary to shed physical fatigue. Exercises and massage are essential to build a healthy body.

In Kalari, massage is done by the GURUKKAL. UZHICHIL is a system of full-body massage to improve muscle tone, flexibility, stimulate the circulation of blood and to give long life. Kalari massage can also provide benefitsin relation to headaches, depression, sexual functioning, and back pain. It is intended to cure Kalari – related orthopaedic injuries and spasmodic diseases. For the students of Kalarippayat who with to take up the position of GURU, they should become well versed in the ART of treatment. Massage has one more important benefit, which concerns the flow of lymph in the body. Lymph is a vital fluid, which purifies the blood, thereby enhancing the health and beauty of the body. As massage givens an equal effect, it helps those who cannot do or are not able to do exercises.