• Exciting! Surprising! Most Recommendable! Very high self discipline, physical and spiritual-come and see!

    Yuen Chan, Hong Kong, 11 February 2002

  • I liked its power. Whoever does it must have a strong mind to make a strong & healthy body. I am really glad I saw Kalarippayat in its real form

    Tine Mendonck, Belgium, 4 September 2001

  • Thank you very much for the opportunity to study Kalarippayat and to learn about Indian Culture and Tradition

    Thersa Ohmit. USA Student of Ens Kalari., 26 December 1999

  • I am ever so grateful for showing of your wonderful art. I have trained in martial arts for over 25 years and have obtained master level in two of them. I can clearly see that Kalarippayat is the mother of all the martial arts that I have studied.

    Dr.Richard Van Donk 10 dan Ninjutsu USA,14 December 1999

  • I have never seen anything like this art in my life before

    Tiny Waslanden, Amstardam, Holland. 31 January 1996

  • Amazing flexibility and agility of all the dedicated practitioners. Very enjoyable and Fantastic

    Anna Maria O’ Connell, Ireland, 10 August 1994.

  • Kalarippayat is a very interesting martial art, which shows a great range of technique in both weapons and unarmed combats. Great concentration and skill.

    Ben Schorrkon,Cambridge,England. 3 January 1993.